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Inter Node B Handover

Inter Node B (intra RNS). A mobile terminal moves across the areas covered by two different nodes B. Both nodes B involved in the handover session are connected to the same RNC. In the case of a dual mode RNC, intra RNS handover may include a change of mode (TDD-FDD).
Inter Node B (inter RNS, with Iur). In this scenario, the handover still occurs within the UTRAN, but is now between cells under the control of different RNCs
The scenario can be split into two phases: handover and SRNS relocation. For a particular UE, the SRNS Relocation phase is optional. It may be executed at any time by UTRAN (SRNC) in the case of a UE moving to a cell that belongs to a different RNC from the current SRNC. Inter RNS hard handover may include a change of mode (FDD-TDD). This scenario will be supported by the UTRAN as both soft and hard handover. Step a and b show the UE entering in macrodiversity state. In step c the UE is connected to the DRNC only. The core network either during step b or c can start the SRNC relocation.
the Iur interface is available between the SRNC and the DRNC. However, in some cases UTRA can be deployed without necessarily having all RNC connected through an Iur interface. In these cases only hard handover procedures can be used.
Inter URAN (different URAN types) 3GPP specifications include handover between different types of radio access, e.g., between UMTS and BRAN. Although Release ‘99 does not support this scenario, it is very promising for CELLO studies.

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